Each Individual County Has Different Rules for Probating a Will and That is Why it is Important to Have a Lawyer Help You in This Process So That Your Wishes are Followed.

The Terms That Must Be Used in Drafting a Will Are Very Specific and Each State Has Different Requirements For Your Will to Be Valid. 

Most Individuals Do Not Want to Discuss What Will Happen After They Pass Away, However it is Important to Plan For the Future Now to Protect Your Family and to Protect Your Right to Choose Who Gets Specific Items/ Property That You Leave Behind.

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Don't Be Naïve, Be Prepared. Individuals Pass Away Every Day and A Will is Needed to Protect Your Wishes

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A Power of Attorney is a Legal Document that Gives Someone You Choose the Power to Act in Your Place.

In Case You Ever Become Mentally Incapacitated, You'll Need What Are Known as Durable Powers of Attorney for Medical Care and Finances.